Starting your first job? Results The first 30 days

Starting your first job? Results The first 30 days
Congratulations on your recent graduation and landing your first full-time job! Good college, hello world expert and performance reviews. New jobs can be overwhelming, and your first job can be more difficult because they are new districts.
Interestingly, a new study found that 77 percent of businesses expect to hire recent graduates to stay within a year. Even with these realistic expectations, show your employer that you are worth investing in.
Here's the first thing to start building your professional reputation. The first 30 days can be crucial to your success.
Before you start

Do your homework.

Maybe it's only a few months since you interviewed for the job. Deliver yourself quickly. Read new articles and publications about the company and trends in your industry
Reach your department head.

Tell her how excited you are to start a new position. Ask for advice on organizing work, including recommended "reading reading", dress code, department updates, and arrival time on your first day.
Practice your elevator and answers to follow the questions.

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